History of Mickey Mouse Ears

The signature Mickey Mouse ears goes way back in time and it has become an obsession for all Disney lovers regardless of their age. Those who have visited Disney parks will always come home with a Mickey Mouse ears cap or headband as a souvenir. The ears signified the bearers as the Mouseketeers, followers of the famous mouse himself. The growth of the famous ears design have developed through time as well since its creation and until today the ears are still known as the famous Disney souvenir for the local and international tourists.

It was after the Mickey Mouse Club aired on television with its casts all wearing the Mickey Mouse ears, fans have become enlighten to its presence. The ears were created by Roy Williams; a fellow Mouseketeers famously known as Big Mooseketeer. The first sets of ears were created as a cap with Mickey Mouse’s ears on top of it. It was a simple top hat design to stick on the circular shape of the head. However, because its mainly design for adults, children version of the hats were created as well which are smaller in size attached with elastic band to secure its place on children’s head. Babies’ version of the hat was created later.

It was during the mid-80s the ears evolved from a hat to a headband; a simple hard strip of headband with the ears attached to either side to follow the current trend. The ears became one of the best-selling souvenirs from Disney parks during the time. It was then they decided to create a Minnie Mouse version of the ears by adding a red with white polka dots bow in between the ears and that too became a mega success for Disney products’ franchise.

To commemorate the Disneyland’s 50th anniversary in 2005, Disney created a gold version of the classic Mickey Mouse ears hat as well as the Minnie Mouse version. The golden hat became a phenomenon in America since its release to the public. Adults and children alike were lining-up to get their hands on the hat by visiting the park themselves or even purchase it online. During the holiday festivities in America, a holiday versions of the ears are available as well such as Easter version as well as Halloween version.

Now, the popularity of the Mickey Mouse ears has become not only a souvenir for those who visited Disney parks, but also a fashion icon for many fashion designers throughout the world. In 2009, Jeremy Scott, a world renowned couture designer, was inspired by the famous mouse to design his 2010 spring/summer collection. The mouse’s ears were the signature logo of his design that in the following year, he created sunglasses that looks like the mouse’s ears. Everywhere else in the world, accessories and jewelries with the Mickey Mouse ears are highly in demand. The ears design has become so popular throughout the globe, a knockoff version are also available on the streets.

The Mickey Mouse eras have definitely evolved throughout the half a century since its design. From a must-have souvenir to fashion inspiration, everyone in the world came to recognize the meaningful and special ears. Today, fans of Disney can purchase the lovable ears through online portals and some can even get their hands on a knockoff versions.